Flexible insulation solutions for the highest performance

Special Products for Electronic Applications

Thermal management has been one of the most common uses of graphite products. During the last decade, GrafTech has developed a series of products based on this material whose termal capabilities are superior to those of aluminum and even copper.

e-Graf products aim to satisfy heat conductivity, distribution and dissipation in electronic products, where space, weight, the need to eliminate active heat sinks and reliability with minimum maintenance in the long run are key. Glass Pack s.r.l.represents GrafTech for their e-Graf products in South America.

Along this line of products for thermal management, other products that complement it this have been added, such as Sur-Seal products, which add elastomer for sealing casings, lens, LEDs and cases.

We also provide switching power supplies which are designed, manufactured and assembled in South America.

e-Graf ®

eGRAF® thermal solutions offer a unique combination of flexibility, weight savings and performance improvement to the thermal management industry. By providing market leading thermal conductivity at a fraction of the weight, every eGRAF solution is designed to challenge and expand the constraints of today’s thermal design capabilities.
eGRAF products can effectively address your everyday design challenges:

• Cooling of high power components
• Touch temperature shielding
• Heat shielding for displays
• Weight reduction
• Ultrathin form factor

Our highly skilled team of thermal engineers offers unrivaled expertise in creative thermal solutions.
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SPREADERSHIELD products offer thermal management solutions to heat dissipation of electric, electronic and thermo-mechanical components. These pure graphite laminates, due to a process of molecular alignment, achieve an exclusive anisotropic property, which provides a heat spreading capacity that doubles that of copper in-plane and that is superior to the best thermal greases through-thickness. Thus, SPREADERSHIELD becomes a dissipater that absorbs heat from any specific source and distributes it through the entire surface at very high speed.

Conductivity through the Surface


HITHERM is a family of products of thermal interface which replace thermal greases, silicone pads and epoxy adhesives to thermally link a heat source to its dissipater. Its high flexibility and compressibility guarantee a perfect union between the surfaces which need thermal link, with the necessary resilience to absorb any deformation due to thermal expansion of pieces or screws.

HITHERM is a pure graphite laminate that is several times superior to the best thermal grease. It can be self-adhesive for easier installation.

HITHERM has a virtually endless shelf life, it does not age or crystallize due to the passing of time or high temperatures. This guarantees the same thermal conductivity from the first day throughout the whole life of your equipment.

Throug-Thickness Conductivity

Thermal Dissipation Engineering

Focusing on LED lamps and light fittings, Glass Pack offers their clients the assistance to achieve the best thermal management of their electronic components to minimize the temperatures and maximize their life span.

Among other, our services include:

  • Dissipater engineering and its clasping to the heat source.
  • Thermal testing of light or electronic systems.
  • Reverse engineering to adapt traditional lamps to LED.
  • Calculating the necessary surface to dissipate a specific heat source.
  • Dissipation of power electronic components (inverters, power sources, transformers, resistors, etc.).