The greatest reliability in custom solutions
GRAFOIL Molded rings

These packings are the most reliable, they last longer and can have universal applications.

They have numerous advantages over the other available packings, among which you will find:

– resilience
– durability
– sealability
– they are fireproof
– they are custom made and precompressed, so all the rings in the packing can be installed together, thus saving man hours

They can also be manufactured for static applications (to replace gaskets or o-rings), in sections from 1×1 mm to 1500 mm diameters.

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Spiral Wound Gaskets (Spiral wound or Flexitalic)

We manufacture spiral wound gaskets under international standards (API, ASME, DIN), and special measures, providing top quality and delivery.

Our experience in designing this kind of gaskets allows us to adapt your manufacturing parameters (materials, density, components dimensions, etc.) to maximize their safety and durability in any operational condition.

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Die-Cut Gaskets

We use die-cutting machines to die-cut all kind of gaskets materials, such as:

– Grafkote
– Grafoil (grade GHR and GHE)
– Non-asbestos
– PTFE and reinforced PTFE sheets (UCAR-323)

Contact us for special measures and materials.





Reinforced GRAFOIL Gaskets

Years of experience have taken us to develop this type of gaskets which have the sealing capabilities of GRAFOIL together with the handling resistance of double jacketed. These gaskets are manufactured in South America, in any format and size. They can be designed for any kind of flange.

Check our catalog to learn about their advantages.

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Manufactured in South America from raw materials and origin specifications, GRAFOIL tapes basically have three kinds of applications:

– Non-adhesive and corrugated, to conform packing rings in situ.
– Adhesive backed and corrugated, to make flat gaskets by bonding it on the flanges.
– Adhesive backed and plane, for nuts and threaded couplings.

Different widths and thicknesses are available, to cover different applications

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Graphite Thread Sealant Tape

GRAFOIL GTS paste was designed to seal and lubricate threads with small diameters (up to 2″) exposed to high temperatures (up to 650° in steam). It complies with most specifications for nuclear use due to its high purity and thermal stability.

GRAFOIL laminates with or without metallic insertion

Flexible graphite GRAFOIL sheets stand out from the rest because of the quality controls that guarantee the smallest amount of damaging impurities that may be found in this type of products.

The density uniformity is another distinctive characteristic of GRAFOIL products that makes them very reliable.

There’s a new product of flexible graphite GRAFOIL: UCAR-323, a reinforced PTFE with very low creep relaxation, which renders it adequate for almost all fluid sealing applications.




Expanded P.T.F.E. Tapes for Gaskets

PTFE is, from the chemical point of view, the most inert material available in the fluid sealing market.

Expanded PTFE adds superior conformability and elasticity to the chemical resistance of this polimer, thus making it an excellent material for applications with very corrosive acid or alkaline fluids.


Kammprofile Gaskets

Kammprofile gaskets are an excellent alternative for high pressure and temperature applications. In South America, Glass Pack s.r.l. manufactures this kind of gaskets, which is widely used in the nuclear and thermal generation industries, using top quality materials under international standards (ASME, DIN, etc.) or custom made.

Glass Pack’s own engineering allows this gaskets to be designed to comply with any operational condition, in any king of flange.

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Braided Gaskets

Solutions for any sealing need. They are used alone or combined with GRAFOIL premolded rings as antiextrusion rings.

Contact our technical department for specific applications.

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Mechanised gaskets

Glass Pack s.r.l. has machines to cut any type of gasket or metallic plane separators, with widths from 0.3 to 10 mm.

We also have lathes to manufacture gaskets and seals/stamps with a 900 mm in diameter revolution symmetry.

Manufactures Special Gaskets

Glass Pack s.r.l. manufactures special gaskets with engineering elastomers (EPDM, Nitrile, natural rubber, etc.) with or without metallic insertion, following a blueprint or international standards.

To be applied in:
– Oil and energy
– Metallurgy
– Household appliancies
– Chemistry and Petrochemistry