Certified quality at the service of our customers


Here you can find useful information on the quality control of Glass Pack s.r.l. and its products. Learn about our quality policy and download ISO 9001 Certificate. Access other documents on products and services offered by Glass Pack s.r.l. here.

Quality Certification TÜV Rheinland

Good quality is a fundamental criterion for our clients when they purchase our products. Our main goal
is to comply with their requirements, be their express or implicit. Looking out for quality is both a responsibility and an obligation for all members of Glass Pack Projects of improvement are a
symptom of the company’s good health, and all of its members share the responsibility of embracing all improvement opportunities.

Working consciously and responsibly is a fundamental ethic principle that applies to all tasks carried out
by our staff, both internally and in relation with our customers and suppliers. Training all the staff in every process that may affect quality shall be the basis of the effective application of this policy.